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When you look in the mirror, is the person staring back at you looking after themselves as well as they could? It's never too late to start!


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Remedial Massage can include techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, myofascial cupping therapy, sports massage (pre and post event) and deep tissue.



A Life Coach is not a psychiatrist. It is someone who will be by your side and help you improve your personal and/or professional life by offering support and encouragement while suggesting new or other ways to achieve your goals...


HiCapsHICAPS is the automatic and electronic way to claim your rebate at the same time you pay for your massage.  Being able to claim your rebate via HICAPS means only being out-of-pocket for the difference between our charge and your rebate (also known as the 'Gap Payment').  It should be remembered though, all health funds will make their own decisions about which modalities they will allow on their HICAPS Schedule.

IMG_084811259493_500530610101365_963596275512215618_oTHE STUDIO - WHERE ALL THE MAGIC HAPPENS...

I have created a space that encourages you to forget about outside stresses. You will feel at home, comfortable and relaxed from the moment you walk in; you will not want to leave! You’ll feel the calming ambiance of a beautiful forest and immediately lost in harmony. I have a smooth electric table for all ages and treatments, covered in thick fleece wool from head to toe providing ultimate comfort. The lights are dim and calming, and the essential oil diffuser will disperse relaxing aromatherapy oils throughout the room so you have no choice but to feel happy and peaceful. Or, take a comfy seat on the lounge chairs while I help you reach your dreams and goals with life coaching sessions. Sparkling filtered water or a cup of herbal tea is on me!

Success Stories

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I am 40ish and refuse to grow old. I surf, skate, do weights and compete in brazilian jiu jitsu. I started seeing Karina on the chance that she could assist with my lower back as I slipped a disk or something about 3 years ago and it constantly caused issues. In just a few sessions, Karina helped my back immensely, to the point where I can be more relaxed in my approach to movement in general but also specifically in weight training and jiu jitsu. Subsequent to that, I injured my shoulder and she has managed to sort that injury out too. I have been very impressed with her ability to locate and remedy root cause issues, which, at times are quite different to the symptom I am experiencing. She has reduced the number and severity of injuries I experience pursuing my hectic hobbies. If you are active, regular massages from Karina will help make it possible to stay that way.

- Phil Gartlan
I highly recommend Karina to anyone who wants change in their lives and really wants to live the life they always dreamt of.  Karina has amazing knowledge about health, business and life.  She really is a wonderful example of everything she teaches.  Karina techniques are powerful and her passion comes straight from her heart.  Karina is really genuine and really wants to help people become who they really are meant to be and to live their lives to their full potential.   Life coaching with Karina has changed me so much for the better and I am so grateful that I met her and experienced this journey with her as my guide.
- Donna Annett

At the start of 2013 I was lacking in confidence, underweight and not making the right food choices. As part of a lifestyle change I turned to fitness and joined up with a local gym where Karina became my personal trainer and from then on have never looked back! Not only did she give advice on diet and fitness but on life itself, how to goal plan and how to make everyday day count by moving toward a better self. With her guidance I am now mentally and physical strong! She has pushed me to my limits and always offering encouragements, and redirecting me to making better choices in those times of doubt. She always challenges and pushes me in every session till my body aches! Without her help I wouldn’t be where I am today, living a much healthier and happier lifestyle!

– Kelly Little

Alicia_HoweI have been seeing Karina since September 2014 to help me manage muscle soreness from a heavy gym program. Karina’s massages are heaven and are a highlight for me every time. She has been one of my biggest supporters on my journey to the bikini competition stage. I would highly recommended Karina to anyone looking for a fantastic massage, both relaxing and remedial.


- Alicia Howe

Karina - Back To Health MassageHello! I am Karina and I am here for you!

I have over 10 years experience in the health & fitness industry and have operated from Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

I have conducted beach boot camps and one-on-one personal training sessions on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, worked in Gyms and personal training studios, instructed fitness classes by the lower Blue Mountains in New South Wales and most recently, brought my skills and passion to the relaxed seaside community of Seaford Rise.

I am a qualified Life Coach and a graduate of Massage Therapy and the Diploma of Remedial Massage, having studied at Endeavour College of Natural Health.

My life is a uniquely balanced blend of physical fitness, positive thinking, clean eating and relaxation, and I want nothing more than to share my passions with you!

Ever since attending my first yoga retreat and day spa in Byron Bay, I knew my path.

The live-in experience opened my eyes to a deeper level of relaxation and inner health, and the connection between physical health and emotional health. I became infinitely aware that the power of touch and inner peace is invaluable to our fast paced society.

In early 2013, I suffered a serious back injury, rendering me unable to ‘practice what I preach’. I was able to train and help my clients though voice, but unable to physically do what I was telling others to do. On top of this, I was unable to partake in two of my favorite past times – weight training and running!

I certainly had my moments where the light at the end of the tunnel was ever so dim, and sometimes not visible.

Over 12 months, I used my skills and knowledge in nutrition and yoga, along with regular massage to slowly heal my back. Today I am pain free, more flexible, stronger and fitter than I have ever been! And not only running, but sprinting and weight training again! For me personally, the experience highlighted the importance of regular self care, not just at the point of injury, but to avoid injury. It also highlighted the ultimate benefits of what I do. I am confident that without a positive mind, without massage, without mobility exercises, core exercises and yoga, without the correct nutrition, and without positive influences in my life, I would not be where I am today.

Because of my own personal experiences, my attitude to massage offers nurturing touch, authentic presence and intention to engage the whole person into a deeper level of relaxation. In my home I have created a beautiful space, a space that will give you a sense of luxury, melting away any tension and stress- like a mini holiday. In this space, I can treat you, or we can discuss other treatments that may benefit you, depending on your individual needs. These may include personal training advice, nutritional advice or life coaching.

Through massage, I can assist in the relief of migraines and tension-related headaches or help you forget about life stresses for a while with the relaxation focused treatment. I am passionate about the positive effects of therapy on the body and mind which will be evident in the whole experience, from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. Being a Reiki master, I can also provide this amazing energy during your massage to help any necessary healing.

Remedial massage therapy is my forte and my biggest passion. I can provide an invigorating sports-focused deeper tissue massage for fatigued, sore muscles post event/workout or I can work with you on injury rehabilitation. Through the use of s

pecific techniques, including trigger points, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage and cupping therapy I can work on problem areas or help keep you injury free.


I encourage everyone to try Remedial Massage therapy at least once, so you can decide if it’s something that can help you become healthier and be the best version of you.

I can provide life coaching to help you realize your potential, re-focus your energy and help bring on those personal achievements, no matter what the desired achievements may be. Having someone to be accountable to, discuss problems with and to help open your eyes to alternative options, pathways and ways of thinking may be all you need to progress to the next level of personal achievement, fulfillment or satisfaction. This is something that has helped be greatly at different periods in my life.

My expertise, passion and love are the perfect positive additions to your regular self-care. Life is too short not to feel good and not have the best quality of life! You deserve it!


  • Remedial Massage Therapy Diploma
  • Massage Therapist Certificate 4- Endeavour Collage- Registered & Insured with AAMT
  • Cupping Therapy Certificate
  • Personal Trainer Certificate 4- Over 10 Years experience in the Fitness Industry- Registered & Insured with Fitness Australia
  • Group Fitness Instructor Cert 3
  • Boot camps Australia Advanced Certificates
  • THUMP Boxing Advanced Certificates
  • Life Coach Certificate- ACS
  • Sports Nutrition Certificate- Cadence Health
  • Nutrition for Weight Loss Certificate- Cadence Health
  • Hot Stones Therapy Certificate- Natural Revolution Group
  • Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master
  • Rock Tape/ Kinesiology taping Course
  • Current First Aid & CPR

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